Memes are My Love Language

When we talk about love languages we sometimes forget to think about how those expressions can show up– especially in the digital age. While loads of people argue (via the internet) that internet communication “is such a cheap expression of communication” I would like to argue “ok BUT think about the last time you received a really dank meme?!! Didn’t it make your heart flutter?!”

In the same way that sometimes we can sit next to our partner and enjoy a particularly good movie or TV show, we can also participate in some good internetting with our partner. My partner enjoys getting me into long YouTube seshs. And our most-recent internetting togetherness has evolved into a nightly “let’s watch TikToks!” We giggle at teenagers’ new dance trends, weird memes of girls a little too obsessed with their hydroflasks and cute little animals bobbing across the screen.

The internet can also be a great place to forge new connections, interests and hobbies. My partner knows I have a favorite internet cat. His name is bonebone and he’s often in pictures wearing a backpack that is way too big for his fluffy, chubby body. Naturally, I’m smitten. So when it was announced that bonebone had a tumor and was going in for surgery? WE FUCKING RALLIED AROUND THAT KITTEN. Don’t worry, reader, bonebone got it removed and is in much better health now. Though I’m not saying rallying around bonebone forged the connection between me and my boo, what it did was it gave us something to talk about besides our 9-5 jobs. The same way that other forms of media can connect and inspire conversation.

I’m not saying please stop giving real words of affirmation or spending quality time with your partner, do those things too. But love can show up in so many freaking ways, and the internet has a plethora of giggly-fun-silly expressions of creativity to share and experience together. So give your best meme-sender a hug today (physical touch)– you’d be so lucky to have them in your group chat.

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